“The best and most insightful, reliable descriptions of war are provided by people who served in the military, and experienced battle. Mark Miller’s very personal memoir provides a valuable contribution, honest and revealing regarding his life as an Army infantryman in Vietnam.”
-- Arthur I. Cyr
    Clausen Distinguished Professor
    Carthage College

“Mark has captured the emotions of soldiers entering a war zone for the first time and the experiences that turned them into grizzled veterans. The terminology, the climate, the songs, the fire fights, the fears, and even the humorous events bring back memories of being a combat infantryman. His experiences reflect what life for the fighting men in Vietnam was like in the bush.”
-- Jim Michel
   2/22 (Triple Deuce) Mechanized Infantry25th Infantry Division
   Cu Chi, 1969-1970

I highly recommend My Confessions From Vietnam, I could not put it down! Miller's honest, firsthand account, of his experience in Vietnam can serve as more than just another book about war. As a member of Generation X, I have been surrounded my entire life by family members and close friends that served in and whose lives have been changed by the war in Vietnam, yet very few are able/want to talk about it. This book reads as if you were sitting in the living room with [Mark] as he tells his story. 5 Stars, highly recommended! Kudos to the authors for a book well done!
-- Phill Klamm
    Amazon reviewer

It's not a "fun" read - it's about war and it's not fiction. It includes death, fear, and loss of innocence. However, it's gripping and honest view of the Vietnam war was hard to put down. I have several relatives who served and they don't talk about it either. This book helped me understand.
-- Thomas G. Groleau
    Amazon reviewer